Put It In Writing

Written Goals and Plans

are the Beginning


You must start by putting your thoughts

and goals on paper or in your computer.

Do you have a written plan already? 

An Investment Policy Statement?

A Current Net Worth Statement?

Financial WealthCare

Ralph G. Hughes founded the company in 2004. The Broker/Dealer he runs his investment business through is Independent Financial Group, LLC.  As an independent advisor, Ralph doesn't limit his recommendations to only stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

With the need to "Prepare Financially for Life's What Ifs©", the two difficult initial questions are

> What if I live too long?,


> What if I die too soon? 

Can you answer these now?  Go ahead and jot your answers down.

Educate Yourself

What Really Matters

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Ralph G. Hughes

Ralph became a Registered Representative in 1993, then an Investment Advisor Representative and Insurance Agent in 1999.  His experience has been developed through affiliation with several large firms over the years, but came to the belief that his clients would be best served from an independent point of view.

Retirement Income Planning To Retire In Peace takes time and attention. With review and realistic revisions, Ralph and Financial WealthCare will be with you along your journey.

Ralph G. Hughes

Would you like to

retire in peace?

Is that a reasonable goal? Retirement Income Planning To Retire In Peace won't necessarily be easy or quick, but it is something that is possible with dedication and steady efforts.  The sooner you begin saving and properly allocating between the right asset classes of investments, the better.